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Testimonials for James M. Shenko MD

Comments from our recent patient surveys:
  • The whole process I went through to get through my surgery was wonderful and the staff was amazing to work with. If I had any questions I was able to call at any time. I would recomend Dr. Shenko to everyone.
  • So happy I was referred to Dr. Shenko, very happy with my consultation!
  • I would highly recommend Dr. Shenko. The whole experience was so easy and the atmosphere was very relaxing. All of the staff was friendly and professional.
  • As a parent, I believe Dr. Shenko makes my children feel very important and validated. Their ages range from 15-8 and with both children he was wonderful. He explained to them what exactly was going to happen during the surgery and talked to them, not at them. Thank you again!!!!!
  • The staff and Dr. Shenko helped my 4 year old who was bitten by a dog on her face, feel at ease, since she is a shy one to start with. I as the mom felt that all the information that Dr. Shenko gave me was accurate and gently explained. We will be seeing him again in six months and we hope to see our daughter's scars get even better by then. Thank you.
  • I've had the surgery that Dr. Shenko will be doing previously with another physician. Dr. Shenko did a far superior job explaining the process, etc. I feel I am in extremely capable hands.
  • Your office was very professional and the office itself was very neat and clean. It was a very convenient location. I would certainly recommend Dr. Shenko.
  • I was very pleased with the office staff and Dr. Shenko. He's really down to earth!
  • I have shared my great experience with my friends already. Good news travels fast.
  • Dr. Shenko and his staff were fabulous with my son and made him feel at ease. Thank you!!
  • The staff and everyone were especially friendly and accommodating.
  • Please note, that when I called for my daughter, I was listened to and definitely felt that we would be treated well. We were! Thank you.
  • I am happy that my doctor referred me to this office and plan to tell him about my good experience so he'll refer others. Thanks.
  • Doc Shenko and his staff are true professionals; they treated me with the utmost respect and made me feel like family, which in my book makes them above reproach.
  • This was an initial consultation leading to a future surgery; all went well, thanks.

Other testimonials from our patients:

Dr Shenko, who would be the last of four surgeons I consulted with, was the only one who felt “right” to both me and my husband to trust and put our faith into. Dr. and Mrs. Shenko and the entire staff made us feel so unbelievably welcome and that they truly cared, both as their patient and also similar to that of a friend. There are no words to truly express the most heartfelt gratitude I have for Dr. and Mrs. Shenko (and staff!) for all that they truly did for me.

* * *

I had my first appointment with Dr. Shenko yesterday and I am so pleased! I feel so much better about how I look! But the best part is that in the past I have had appointments with other doctors for the same procedure and have bruised for weeks. Dr. Skenko assured me that I would not bruise. No bruising at all!! I am so impressed. He took great care and is very knowledgeable. The whole staff was great, friendly, and made me feel comfortable. The whole experience was a pleasure - I look forward to my next appointment.

• L. Taylor, Warren, RI

* * *

I want to thank Dr. Shenko for the kindness and professionalism he showed to my wife and I while he was treating her. It is not often that you find someone who cares about the feelings of someone and then goes beyond to help that person become a viable person again in their own mind and life. Dr Shenko is the Best of the Best as far as my family is concerned and I personally thank him for his wit and his concern for me as the husband of a patient. Not too many doctors take time to really get to know their patients. Dr. Shenko goes beyond that by showing concern for all of the family and putting them at ease. Thank you Dr. Shenko.

• JT Fitchburg, MA

* * *

Thank you very much for taking good care of my wife. I think you did a great job of making her feel at ease and your staff is GREAT!

•  TB Whitinsville, MA

* * *

We just wanted to thank you for making a huge decision so much easier and for the most part enjoyable. You always put me at ease and I appreciate your laid back personality and caring attitude. Your whole staff has been wonderful.

•  DB Whitinsville, MA

* * *

Just a little thank you for being so wonderful to me! You have all made my experience so much easier and relaxed. I am feeling so good about myself right now and it is such a pick me up!

• AD Northborough, MA

* * *

I don't know even where to begin! Thank you so very much for the amazing work you performed on me. You completely exceeded my expectations. I had very little pain and discomfort and the results are just "WOW." You gave me back the body that my pregnancy had taken away! You gave me my "spirit" again. Thank you.

•  SM Lancaster, MA

* * *

I can't begin to thank you. I feel like a new healthy woman. I feel great! You and your staff were so wonderful to deal with. You all made my breast reduction surgery a great experience. Thank you for all that you've done.

•  Suzanne B Fitchburg, MA

* * *

Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter and making her feel so much better about herself.

•  KB Hubbardston, MA

* * *

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did. You all are amazing people.

•  KB Hubbardston, MA

* * *

I have known Dr. Shenko for 10 years. As a former Nurse Case Manager for Workers' Compensation several of my clients had hand surgery done by Dr. Shenko. Not only is Dr. Shenko a skilled surgeon; but his bedside manners are impecable. He was particularly great with some very difficult patients who had nerve related pain associated with their hand injury. His staff has always been very professional and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Shenko. Service above reproach.

Testimonials for Dr. Richard Montilla

I am disappointed that you will not be in Galveston for my final MOHS reconstruction but wish you well in the next chapter of your life in Boston. Galveston UTMB are losing an exceptional physican and surgeon. Your upbeat and confident attitude helped me feel comfortable in going through a procedure I knew nothing about and was not expecting to undergo when I was diagnosed with the basal cell cancer which was supposed to be a minor surgical procedure...Thanks for helping me through this trying time in my life and giving me back my nose.

• Isabelle K.

* * *

I would like to thank you very much for making me feel so relaxed and comfortable during the time of my breast reduction. Although I am still healing, this has been a wonderful experience and I wish I had done it sooner. Thank you for your wonderful care, I felt very special.

• Deborah W.

* * *

"Thank you" seems so inadequate to express my gratitude for allyou have done for me. Your careful attention and kindness kept mefrom being anxious about the outcome. In fact, you set the benchmark for superior care! I wish you success in all your endeavors. Please convey my thanks to your staff — they are wonderful!

• Susan B.

* * *

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you. You did an absolutely amazing job stitching my chin. When I look, I really can't see it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best!

• D.F. – Leominster

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